Nha Trang – Beach Frolicking and Mud Baths

Our bus from Dalat to Nha Trang didn’t leave until 11:00am so we spent the morning at the Lien Hoa Bakery yet again before heading to the Phuong Trang bus stop.  A minibus picked us up and transferred us to the bus station where we took a big bus through the mountains and down to the beach city of Nha Trang.  At times, we were entirely engulfed by mountain mist, only to open up to beautiful views of the Central Highlands.

Misty drive from Dalat to Nha Trang

Once we arrived in Nha Trang, we made our way to An Hoa Hotel, tucked in an alley across the street from the beach.  We dropped our stuff and immediately crossed back over to enjoy a beer on the sand and play in the waves.  The water was very cold!

Nha Trang Beach
Jojo playing in the waves at Nha Trang Beach

After that, we showered and changed, and set off to find the Lousiane Brewhouse to try some Vietnamese craft beers.  The beer most often found in Vietnam tastes like Bud Light at best, and Natty Light otherwise.    We went for a Dark Lager and a Red Ale, both of which were more than satisfactory.  We also gave in to our cravings for Western food and ordered a pizza and potato wedges.  (No shame.)

Craft beers at the Lousiane Brew House
Jojo excited to indulge on potato wedges

After filling our stomachs with fried cheesy goodness, we moved on to a place called The Wave Bar, where we ran into a couple that had been on the same tour as us when we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels back in Saigon.  We played Connect Four while enjoying $3 Johnnie Walker Black Labels (Thank you, Vietnam!) before calling it a day.

Playing Connect Four at the Wave Bar

The next day we woke up to gray skies and quite a bit of rain.  We had originally hoped to go diving, but we had heard that the visibility was terrible due to the weather so we decided to save our money.  Instead, we treated ourselves to a hot mineral mud bath at Thap Ba Hot Springs.

A shuttle picked us up at our hotel and drove us to the spa about 20 minutes away.  The location was beautiful and walking around the grounds was enjoyable in itself.

Entering Thap Ba Spa

After dropping our things in a locker, we headed for the mud bath!  We sprung for a private one a) because the private baths are hot, and it was kind of chilly and gross outside and b) because there isn’t much else to do in Nha Trang, so why not.  For only 120,000vnd you can get in a communal mud bath which is the same temperature as outside, but as previously stated, it was cold and didn’t sound nearly as enjoyable.

Jojo waiting for the tub to fill up with mud
Nicole in the hot mud bath

After soaking in the hot mineral mud for about 20 minutes, we showered off and headed to a hot mineral water bath where we spent about half an hour.

Jojo soaking in the hot mineral water

Our spa day ended in the mineral water pool (unlimited time for guests), until we decided we had had our fill of minerals for one day.  We spent the rest of the day wandering around Nha Trang until it was time to catch our bus to Hoi An!

IMG_2245 IMG_2249 IMG_2250

Nha Trang Day 1:

Breakfast: 59,000vnd ($2.77 USD)

Bus: 280,000vnd ($13.13 USD)

Bus Stop Oreos: 10,000vnd ($0.47 USD)

Beach Beer: 20,000vnd ($0.94 USD)

Dinner: 395,000vnd ($18.52 USD)

Wave Bar Beers/JW Blacks: 190,000vnd ($8.91 USD)

Accommodation: 280,000vnd ($13.13 USD)

Day 1 Total Spent: 1,234,000vnd = $57.85 USD

Nha Trang Day 2

Breakfast: 89,000vnd ($4.17 USD)

Thap Ba Spa: 570,000vnd ($26.71 USD)

Lunch & Beer: 207,000vnd ($9.70 USD)

Sleeper Bus Tickets: 398,000 ($18.65 USD)

Day 2 Total Spent: 1,264,000 = $59.23 USD